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Lorna has taught me how to teach my dog not to pull on the leash, coming when called and not to jump on people. I would recommend her to anybody that is having any of these problems.

Harley/ Helene

Lorna is an excellent trainer. She showed me how to train Murphy from pulling me down the road.

Janet / Murphy

Oscar has improved over the weeks of this training even though he is still a puppy. I would recommend Lorna to anyone who has a puppy that is out of control!

Oscar / Bart

Before we were frustrated with a few behaviours that Flower had. Now we are on the right path of having an obedient dog. Flower is a pleasure to have around now. I would recommend Lorna to anyone who is having trouble getting their dog to obey!
Sarah /Flower

“Lorna is a very professional, knowledgeable instructor”.

Linda & ChiChi

Lorna is AMAZING. I was almost in tears as my sheltie was terrified of moving cars and as a result would not walk outside. Lorna started to build up her confidence after just one session. By the end of the second session Gypsy was walking beside me outside. I was so happy. Both of us looked forward to the weekly sessions and not only did they help Gypsy but we both had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Honestly you cannot go wrong by Lorna’s training and you would be doing your dog a great favor. Gypsy and I thoroughly recommend Lorna and Good Calm Dog Training. THANK YOU LORNA.

Patty & Gyspy